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Why Mass Mailing is prohibited on shared hosting servers (Starter Hosting, Cloud Sites)


The use of our shared hosting plan (Starter Hosting, Cloud Sites, Cloud Emails) to send bulk email whether opt-in or otherwise, and the use of bulk email to promote a site is strictly forbidden. As a guideline, we consider sending over 50 or more similar emails within a span of 1 week as bulk email.


The main reason is that when you send emails in bulk, all it takes is a single recipient to logged a complaint against the sender (you), immediately the IP address of the server will be banned by anti-spam groups (spamhaus), Yahoo, MSN (hotmail) and internet service providers (ISP) which deploy spam filters on their network. At the same time this result other customers who is on the same server (same IP address) to experience bounce emails (due to the IP address being listed as a spammer) and failed to send out their their emails. This causes unneccessary disruption to other customers on the same server.

If you must maintain a mailing list or run a newsletter


You can consider signing up for our E-blaster solution which provides you with a dedicated IP for you to send out your emails in bulk. Again, you are to note that, you will subject yourself (the IP address) to be blacklisted if any of the recipient that logged a valid complaint against you (the sender). You are reminded to ensure all the recipient that you are going to send the email to are opt-in subscribers. Normally a double opt-in procedure conducted by you can improve the willingness of your recipient to accept this advertising email from you. If your IP address is blacklisted, you are to sign up for a new E-blaster solution with a new clean IP address.


Anti-spamming Law in Singapore


Unsolicited commercial messages sent in bulk – that’s what spam is. Such messages could be sent via mobile telephony systems or electronic mail (e-mail). Spam typically advertises or promotes goods or services, which may also include land, business opportunity or investment opportunities. Please visit to understand better Singapore laws and regulation towards unsolicited bulk email.


I am not spamming, why am i not allowed to send emails in bulk?


It is up to your recipient to judge whether you are spamming or not. They may be opt-in subscriber to your list, but they may not like the advertising nature of your emails and can still lodged a complaint against you to anti-spam organisations. The bottom line is, spend extra effort with your list of subscribers to ensure 100% they are perfectly fine with accepting your email with advertising content. This minimise the chance of them complaining against you.




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