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Cloud Hosting

Cloud Sites Handle Your Web Site and Email Better
Across An Entire Cluster of Servers with High Availability

Cloud Sites are specially designed for:


Web site and application such as Mambo, Drupal, Wordpress

Sites that requires Windows or Linux

Campaign sites, promotional event
Businesses who needs large email space (1GB each)
Full email archival option for disaster recovery

Support ASP 3.5, .NET , PHP 5, MSSQL and MySQL

Fully managed service through HostSG Pro-Active Support

Static web pages or product catalogue site
High availability 99.9% uptime and full redundancy
Option to monitor incoming and outgoing emails


The Technology Behind HostSG Cloud Sites

Hybrid Hosting - With the ability to host Linux or Windows web sites at no additional fees, Cloud Sites is perfect for both business owners or Windows web developers.


Load Balancing with High Availability - Many service provider are still loading their customers web site and emails onto a single server which are prones to frequent down time due to hardware or software maintenance. HostSG Cloud Sites improve redundancy and high availability because all your traffic and resources are spread across large powerful cluster of servers, balancing the load with minimal chance of overloading. Our large server cluster network can easily handle large traffic spike and power over 15,000 customer sites. Our unique, developed from scratch, 'cloud hosting' puts the power of a redundantly load balanced cluster of webservers at your fingertips.


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What is Cloud Computing?


Wikipedia defines cloud computing as “a style of computing in which dynamically scalable and often virtualized resources are provided as a service over the Internet.”

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